Wedding Packages

Photojournalistic Package:

This is my basic package for couples who want to document and remember their day. Photojournalistic Style is a more conservative approach, capturing the events fully between a wide and close angle. 

1 videographer

1 social media clip

Full DVD & Highlight Video

Stylized Package:

This is my most popular package. It is a mix between a Photojournalistic and a Cinematic Style package. The events are documented fully, but an added videographer and camera angle creates a more appealing and stylized video. 

2 videographers

2 social media clips

Full DVD & Highlight Video

Cinematic Package:

The Cinematic package resembles the look of a movie with more artistic shots, slow motion, aerial drone footage, couple interviews/

 letter reading, and includes a short video session (similar to/ sometimes at the same time as the couple's formal portraits).

2 videographers

Aerial video

Letter reading or interviews

4 social media clips

Full DVD & Highlight Video

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