Wedding/ Event Videos

My goal is to capture the exact essence of your big day. I want you to feel all the excitement and joy, each and every time you watch your video. My stealthy crew will capture your day without drawing attention. Contact me for a detailed list of our customizable packages ranging from 1-3




Commercials/ Promotional Videos


Whether you are a small business looking for a way to showcase your company, an entrepreneur looking to showcase your unique skills, or a large corporation, my videographers and I are capable of creating compelling content and artistic cinematography to fit your individual budget.


Performance/ Dance Videos


I have a special love for the stage and everything magical that it creates. With my experience both on and off the stage, I understand the theater venue more than most. My camera delicately frames performers, following them gracefully - not jerking a beat or two behind. 


I work with dance companies, schools and choreographers to create artistic dance films. From concept to production, I can bring your unique ideas to the screen.  See my latest work with emme dance collective


I produce full show DVDs. Please contact me for specific package rates.